Chris started out as a radio disk jockey working through college where his primary audience seemed to reside in the local penitentiary. He then he began his career in writing for the Department of Defense where he produced material for Congress, before moving on to drafting technical and creative material for AOL in Northern Virginia.

He likes to kick butt and chew bubble gum, and is still navigating through all the Fruit Stripe Gum flavors. A veteran of the capital beltway and its interiors, where he once got lost in the vast corridor network of the Pentagon, Chris sought to find more adventure. He’s run a few marathons, toured Babylon, and took in some rays on the hottest non-ocean-view beaches while surviving several missile attacks. Chris served two tours in Iraq where he was awarded the Bronze Star.

He has a sixteen-year background in marketing themes and messages, and his mom says he’s “very special”.