Molly hails from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now resides in Rochester, Minnesota. A few of Molly’s favorite things are: her husband Adam, pup Henry, cold pizza and Amazon Prime.

Molly graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a BA in English and Communications.

While the some on the s02 team were working at AOL, Molly was using AOL in middle school to forge her start into digital communications – mostly by flirting with boys on AIM (sorry, mom and dad – mmolzie).

Molly’s life is all about balance. From the barre to the bar. She loves a good pilates class and a bottle of rose. She mixes the Real Housewives franchise with reading, and loves a good podcast about murder – Sword and Scale is her favorite.

Molly has worked in digital marketing and advertising for over eight years, with a strong emphasis on sales and strategy. She has handled millions of campaign dollars and has worked with a variety of clients, including the top hospital in the nation. She has worked in the corporate, agency and local television market landscapes, and understands the intricacies each requires for a successful digital team to balance happy clients and killer campaigns.