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Principle Toyota car dealership advertising pamphlet from case study


Client: Principle Toyota 

Client: Principle Toyota
Category: Auto
Goal: Reach potential car buyers not already on their extensive email list with their monthly specials

Audience: Age 35+,HHI $40k-200k, Auto Intenders, 90 miles from dealership

Client wanted to see if we could influence sales with our email blast product.
He has seen some success with email marketing to his own email list, composed of previous sales and service customers. We deployed 100,001 emails in a blast targeted to auto intenders within 90 miles of the dealership, which isn’t too far for people in our market to drive to purchase a car. The campaign had 15,671 opens and 1,611 total clicks, for a CTR of 10.28%. We ran a match back of 269 sales for the 30 days following the email and got an astounding 108 last name and zip code matches. While clearly not all of those were sales due to common last names within zip codes, there were many unusual names which were likely sales.

“We will do this again”

– Todd Lochner, General Manager, Principle Toyota

advertisement banner
advertising banner


Client: Rouses Markets 

Category: Retail

Goals: Drive website traffic and branding awareness

Primary Success Metrics: Website Traffic and Clicks

Audience: Adults 25 + in New Orleans, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Biloxi, MS; Lafayette, LA; Mobile, AL


In Q1 of 2018, Rouses Markets’ overall search campaign grew Sessions by 10%, Users by 5% and Page Views by 17% over Q4 2017.


We rely on Tribune Digital for so many different aspects of our advertising and paid search is just one more. Tribune Digital has been instrumental in helping us build traffic to our new website through AdWords and to promote new initiatives like grocery delivery. We’re using the weekly reports provided to really hone in on what we need to do to compete with the national guys. – Marcy N.  (Creative Director for Rouses Markets)

brunette mother holding new born twins in each arm


Client: Tri-Health Obstetrics

Category: Medical

Goal: Clicks to website

Primary Success Metrics: Website Traffic and Clicks

Audience: Women who are pregnant or researching and thinking about pregnancy and targeted to zip codes


Static Ads: Generated 134,055 impressions, 1,085 clicks and CTR of .78% (.11% is benchmark).

Video Ad: Delivered 62,640 impressions, 85 clicks and CTR of .18%.

screenshot from car dealership video ad


Client: Crown Mini 

Category: Auto Dealership

Goal: Driving website traffic

Primary Success Metrics: Website Traffic and Clicks

Audience: 5 mile radius around set zip codes and female auto Intenders


Generated over 135,657 impressions, 152,398 video starts and 108 clicks in two months. Video completion rate .77% (average video completion is .50-.80%).

example of Facebook advertisement for a dental practice
example of Facebook advertisement for a dental practice


Client: Haake Dental 

Category: Medical

Goal: Increase new patient appointments. As is common with the medical vertical, the client needed their marketing to stand out and be noticed.

Primary Success Metrics: Increase new patient appointments in a highly competitive metropolitan area

Audience: Women, Age 25-54, Midwest DMA


We centered the campaign around a very important line: “Call This Morning and Be Seen Today.” We went to work with this tag line using Facebook and Premium Display ads plus retargeting to women 25-54 in this large Midwest DMA.  All  URL’s pointed to the dentist’s website where the tag line “Call This Morning and Be Seen Today” was prominently displayed. 

The dental practice has seen a large increase in conversions; that is people who saw the ads have made appointments and are now patients of the practice.


“My client has seen a 40 percent lift in new patients each month since he started the Facebook and display/retargeting ads with us last September 2016.  He knows that the new patients are coming from this digital campaign because he is not using the same creative on other things he is doing in the market for his dental office. I think because he has stayed consistent this has helped him with his results along with good management from the digital teams that run the campaign.”