Welcome to Summit Thoughts, the new sO2 Digital Blog. As digital thought leaders, we will share our experiences in digital services and advertising. You will hear from our Account Management, Ad Operations and Social Media teams on how they make digital services and advertising work for our clients.

Our team of thought leaders share valuable experience across multiple disciplines of digital advertising. They’ve excelled in positions similar to yours and have role-specific wisdom to impart.

Topics we will cover include the sales-focused areas of prospecting, positioning, measurement, creative best practices and renewals and the services-focused areas of workflow development, process improvement, management techniques, finance and more.

Join us on the journey towards the digital advertising summit!

Create Great Content by Being Lazy

Create Great Content by Being Lazy

You've been assigned to write content for your company. A blog post. Perhaps a whitepaper. Some sales copy. But your brain is fried from a million other marketing tasks with looming deadlines. You have no idea how to get some ideas. It's ok. Save your brain cells for...