Christina Rice is the President and Co-founder of Supplemental Oxygen.  She works with agencies and media companies to make digital advertising and marketing simple and integrated part of their core business.  In short, Supplemental Oxygen makes digital advertising as easy as breathing.  Together with her partner James Clark, they built a full solution package which includes a complete set of digital products, a management platform, performance tracking and analytics, comprehensive training for account executives and sales managers and the ability to customize the solution packages to the unique needs of each client.  Since its founding in 2014, they have grown the company to be a leading digital solution provider in the small to medium size local media space.  

Having spent a career mastering the intricacies required to drive seamless revenue results, Christina knows the digital landscape challenges inside and out. Digital advertising can be broken down into manageable bite size pieces making it possible for media companies and agencies to not only thrive in the digital environment but to do so without over burdening their managers, account executives, financial services and other support personnel.  It starts with training the sales staff on products and proven sales techniques, then moves to execution of campaigns and client communications, to reporting results and enabling management teams to take positive action on sales results and campaign outcomes.

Christina’s experience in digital media began over 20 years ago before Google existed, when Pegasus was the email client most widely used, and the biggest objection from clients and account executives was “this internet thing is going away!”  Throughout her career Christina has worked for some of the leading digital media companies, with the major agencies in New York, Chicago and LA focused on increasing sales for the largest consumer brands, like Sony, Nike and Coke.

Beyond her work on a national level, Christina has spent the majority of her career as a visionary integrating technology and providing technology development guidance, creating sales plans, training and digital products with a focus on strategies that fit with the structure and dynamics of traditional media companies.  Her success has been growing revenue and maintaining margins, while driving campaign results for small to medium size local businesses.  Christina has developed a full online digital advertising and marketing training program that provides certification to account executives, managers and support staff wanting to excel in the vast digital landscape.  Christina has spent thousands of hours providing large scale organizational training workshops to broadcast TV, cable, radio, newspaper and yellow pages network staffs, launching agency events, and promoting the value of adding a digital component to media campaigns.  Over the years, Christina has honed her craft and become a subject matter expert through her time spent on direct client calls.  She has sat in the chair across the table as an account executive, manager, mentor, trainer, owner, partner and chief revenue officer. 

When not focused on digital advertising Christina can be found sailing, golfing, working out, spending time with her 5 nieces and nephews as well as traveling the world looking for her next adrenaline packed adventure.

Christina earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.