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Electoral Map
175MM Voters
Party Affiliation Count
No Party Affiliation 61,610,061
Democrat 53,317,072
Republican 42,482,962
Independent 17,091,200
Other 1,084,856
Total: 175,586,151
18MM “Swing Voters”
Swing Direction Count
DSR (Democrat Swing Republican) 9,782,134
RSD (Republican Swing Democrat) 7,980,381
Total: 17,762,515
Not all data is the same:
How most do it: Algorithms and assumptions based on a common, legacy database that has existed for years with no standard for scrubbing or updating.

Our Data: Based on regularly-updated and scrubbed voter records from all 50 states, creating a factual record of individual persons, affiliations, actions and previous behaviors, fed into a proprietary 105-point propensity model, we help predict the most likely to vote for a particular candidate or issue, most likely to donate, and most likely to cross over party lines. Helping you to stop wasting time and money reaching out to unlikely targets and allowing you to focus on the voters that will help win an election.

Example: Voter Attributes In AZ-23
Example: Arizona’s 23rd Legislative (& Congressional) District in Suburban Phoenix

Total Population: 169,132
Registered Voters with known Party ID we can target: 92,497

Party State District Count
Republican AZ 23 61,712
No Party Affiliation AZ 23 16,786
Independent AZ 23 7,370
Democrat AZ 23 6,629

*Voters can be targeted by whether they have voted in any combination of General and/or Primary Elections for 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and/or 2016

What our Data Shows:

12,933 Addressable REP Voters could be persuaded to vote DEM, while only 728 DEM voters swing REP
26,000 Addressable voters in AZ 23 have donated to political campaigns
85251 39,933
85207 50,830
85263 3,679
85264 909
85266 16,316
85258 32,652
85254 56,454
85257 29,949
85215 21,173
85268 31,620
85262 18,233
85331 36,006
85054 6,730
85255 55,216
85250 21,983
85253 22,657
85260 45,783
85259 28,484
85545 441
Total: 519,048
Addressable voters can be reached with Email, Display, and/or Video Advertising as frequently as required
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