We love targeted email here at sO2 Digital. It gets real results! Digital marketing isn’t always tangible, but email is the best method to drive ROI for your clients. Let’s look at the types of businesses this method will benefit, how to find them and why targeted email is a great choice.

So, where should you start?


Start Your Prospecting with Direct Mail

Consumers receive many direct mail pieces that ultimately end up in the trash. Their interest in direct mail is not proportional to the vast amount of money spent by advertisers trying to reach customers. These advertisers are a great place to start your prospecting.

Targeted email is more effective than direct mail at a much lower CPM. Lower cost + real results = better ROI. The next time you get the mail, remember to save those advertising pieces. They’re a fantastic source of leads.


What Business Categories are a Good Fit for Targeted Email?

In addition to watching for direct mail pieces, targeted email is a smart choice for several specific categories of businesses. Here are some top categories you should prospect:


New and used auto dealers are a great fit. Targeted email enables you to tailor the audience specifically to the type of dealer and their message. For example, if you have a dealer that’s looking to increase leases on a higher end brand, you can find that audience for them.

Or, say your client is a used auto dealer that specializes in financing people with low credit scores. Again, you can find the perfect audience. You might have a dealer with tent sales or year-end close out events; you can reach them all and drive measurable ROI. Imagine an auto dealer that can match sales to people who received the email.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are a perfect category for targeted email. You can help drive enrollment at a fraction of the cost of other types of advertising. Reach parents of prospective students for traditional enrollment, and adult learners as non-traditional students.

Service Industry

The service industry is extremely competitive, and targeted email allows advertisers to get exposure to prospective jobs in an uncluttered environment. So, who falls into this category? HVAC, plumbing and home improvement, and single-family homeowners who potentially need these services are great targets in this business category. Consistency is key, whether year round or for seasonal offers.

Banking and Credit Unions

The financial world is another saturated and very competitive category. Cut through that clutter with targeted email to reach people with specific financial attributes. The key here is to focus on the audience for each type of financial product, and not to try to target everything or everyone at once.

For example, to be successful a financial institution wouldn’t target someone who may be interested in a Visa balance transfer offer and also include an auto loan offer in the same targeted email. Remember to prospect financial institutions that offer private banking or investment services. Those are also a great fit for targeted email.


This is a broad category, but it’s well suited for targeted email. Ticket sales and events see a high return. Here are some ideas within the category:

  • Performing Arts
  • Local Sports Teams (hockey, baseball, etc.)
  • Concert Venues
  • Festivals (food festivals, music festivals, etc.)
  • Community Events
  • Cultural Events
  • Fairs


The Calendar Drives Targeted Email

Seasonal and holiday advertisers want to drive specific offers around events. This is an ideal prospect for targeted email because 72 percent of users want an offer in their inbox. Why not connect these users to offers that interest them?


  • Landscaping
  • Fencing Companies
  • Easter Sales
  • Air Conditioning Inspection Specials
  • Memorial Day Specials/ Sales


  • Local Events
  • Tent Sales
  • Open Houses
  • Fairs


  • Labor Day Specials / Sales
  • Back to School Sales
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Fall Extra-Curricular Activity Enrollment (dance studies, music lessons, soccer, etc.)
  • Furnace Inspection Offers


  • Auto and RV Year-End Model Closeouts
  • Holiday Events
  • Holiday Sales


These category recommendations are merely skimming the surface of possible targeted email campaigns for your advertisers. There are too many to list in a single blog post.

Email is our passion at sO2, and we can’t wait to help you learn more about how to increase your success. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more the best way to position targeted email to your newly created prospect list.