sO2Digital provides a one-stop shop for targeted email. Our platform, fondly known as “SmartWeb”, is described as a DSP for targeted email. SmartWeb offers our partners the opportunity to reach clients at the scale and targeting they need.

Want to pull your own counts, traffic your own emails and pull reporting all from the same platform? Now you can with sO2s SmartWeb for targeted email.

Targeted email is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be! Make targeted email the start of your digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s why!

sO2’s “data first” approach drives results.

Data + Targeted Reach + Smart Frequency

We utilize our clients’ CRM/Sales data and scrub that against our vast marketing universe to create the perfect profile of a potential customer. Our data files are based on standard sources, and verified by four unique data sets such as tax records, voter files, CBD purchaser files, and auto purchasers.

Whoever knows when, where, and how to best reach their prospects will outperform their competitors every time. Let targeted email be the driver to find exactly who you want!

We can help you drill into your clients’ prospecting efforts to a degree never before possible. And then present the information to ensure multiple messages to the same person on different platforms.

Why use cookies when you can create a list of unique individuals identified by their email address and crossed against postal records and three other sources. We get you to the exact person you want to reach.

Uncluttered Messaging
Simple & Easy to Understand
15% Open Rate Guaranteed

  • 2.5% CTR (creative dependent)
  • 8.4% CTOR

40-1 Return on Investment “ROI” (McKinsey, Direct Marketing Association, eMarketer)
Targeted Email + Postal File: The best of both worlds!
You receive the first and last name, and address of everyone you email.
Immediate Results
Order Monday, deploy Tuesday, new customers Wednesday!
Proven ROI
Trackable results with “match back” reporting.
CAN-SPAM Compliant

  • Double opt-in
  • Managed unsubscribe list
  • Data scrubbed monthly

About sO2Digital
sO2Digital is an ROI-driven, industry-leading team of digital thought leaders guiding our partners on their climb to optimized workflow, and best-in-class products and services. Check out our Case Studies for examples of how we drive results, or our blog “Summit Thoughts” for more details on our digital philosophy.

With grit, heart and determination sO2 always delivers.

  • We provide world-class customer service
  • We exude excellence in everything we do
  • We create custom, hands-on, thoughtful digital solutions
  • We bring relentless drive, innovative solutions and leadership to our clients and partners

About TapClicks
TapClicks, Inc. is the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises, and HIPAA covered entities. The TapClicks Smart Marketing Cloud provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities that include SEO, social and PPC reporting, automated order entry, set up and approval workflows, marketing performance analysis and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations. TapClicks integrates more than 250 data sources via its Connector Marketplace to provide marketers with the ability to analyze data from the full breadth of popular marketing and advertising tools used in the industry today.